Youth and Sport (J&S)

Y+S offers sports courses and camps for children and young people in around 70 sports and disciplines. Every year, 80,000 sports courses or camps take place with around 1 million participants from 637,000 children and young people. Field hockey was already included in Jugend+Sport in 1982.

All information on field hockey at J&S, including the course schedule, can be found here.


Finding and retaining volunteer leaders is at the top of the clubs’ barometer of concerns. With the 1418coach program, the cantons are promoting the next generation of leaders. 14 to 18-year-olds are introduced to their first leadership tasks and take on joint responsibility in their sports club. 1418coach is an extension of the existing Y+S training, which can be attended from the age of 18.

1418coach training is also offered in field hockey. The information and course dates can be found here