Small but mighty

Kinderlandhockey concept

We promote the development of children and young people in the sport of field hockey.

Since summer 2017, the three friends Lena, Max and Lars have been shaping the external appearance of Swiss children’s land field hockey as Swiss Hockey Kids, bringing with them many surprises that bring the sport of field hockey into all children’s rooms and areas of life. Whether through the colorful join-in book, with eye-catching posters, banners or flyers for interested parties and schools: Swiss Hockey Kids makes field hockey visible in a child-friendly and attractive way.


Andreas Gasser

Supporting children in their development, is one of the most rewarding tasks for coaches. Children have an incredible urge to move, are open to new things and play for the sheer joy of it. They are also extremely capable of learning, meaning that success can be achieved within a very short space of time. However, training children is also demanding. Children challenge coaches, expect full attention and concentration and give direct and immediate feedback. This concept is intended to provide coaches in Swiss Hockey-affiliated clubs with the basics for encouraging and challenging children. In this way, we lay the foundations for later success in competitive and popular sports.


Kinderlandhockey concept

Swiss Hockey strives to attract more children to the sport of country field hockey. The larger and qualitatively better the base can be developed, the more the children can benefit individually, whether for grassroots or competitive sport.

Brochure for parents

The following pages are intended to explain the philosophy of the game and training and show you how you can support your child in practicing their hobby in the best possible way.


The tournaments of the Hockey Kids Tour implement the ideology of the children’s land field hockey concept and thus contribute to the holistic development of hockey-loving children. These instructions help to minimize costs and ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.